6 Nutritionist-Approved Snacking Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

Keeping a growling stomach tamed while trying to slim down leaves most of us stumped over how and what to eat. A rigid three-meal-per-day plan just doesn’t work for most people, often leading to insatiable hunger that results in overeating. Supplementing with mini meals can definitely help, provided you don’t wind up mindlessly munching all day. According to Keri Glassman, R.D. and author of The New You and Improved Diet, it’s completely possible to lose weight and still feel satisfied by embracing mindful, healthy snacking. We recently chatted with Glassman to get some more insight. Check out some of her top snacking tips.

1. Think about snacks as meals

turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes cut in half

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Let’s kick things off by readjusting our attitude toward snacks. We often think of them as a separate category from our main meals, but Glassman doesn’t find this mindset very helpful. “I always say we shouldn’t even call foods ‘breakfast,’ ‘snack,’ ‘lunch,’ ‘snack,'” she said. “Every meal should almost have the same name.” The idea here is that you’re always eating food rather than a bunch of empty-calorie bites. Just because the grocery store categorizes packaged chips and cookies as snacks doesn’t mean you have to. “The fact is it doesn’t need to come out of a bag or box,” Glassman said. This means everything from an apple with some almond butter to the second half of a sandwich you ate for lunch can qualify as snacks.

All this being said, snacks should still be smaller than your core meals. “It’s not like they’re all exactly the same size,” Glassman said. “But you just have to get into the mindset of eating whole, real foods throughout the day.”