Weighing Yourself Can Boost (or Destroy) Your Weight Loss Efforts

man standing on a bathroom scale

This man probably thinks a bathroom scale will help him meet his weight-loss goals | iStock.com

Wouldn’t it be great if your bathroom scale offered some encouraging words before you weighed yourself? Seeing the number hasn’t budged would sting a lot less if it were preceded with, “Hey, you look great! Is that a six-pack I see emerging?” Since the process is a lot less hopeful, most people dread it. But skipping weigh-in day means you have nothing holding you accountable, whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or maintain your current physique

Unfortunately, knowing that you need to weigh yourself isn’t the same as knowing how you should weigh yourself. Daily? Weekly? When the mood strikes you? There has to be some way to stay on track without losing your mind. Let’s take a closer look.