Still Not Over Your Ex? Here’s How to Finally Move On

Relationships and breakups can totally turn your life upside down, leaving you lost, hurt, and confused. Whether it’s a short fling or a long-term commitment, recovering from any kind of relationship can take time, and bouncing back can seem daunting. Here are six tips for getting over an ex.

1. Make a list of cons

young couple not speaking after an argument

Remember all the ways your ex made you unhappy to help you get over them. |

Even before the actual breakup, there’s a good chance you might have made a few, or several, lists of pros and cons. Writing everything down and even keeping a running list so you can add to columns whenever things pop into your head has been a time-honored tradition for many. However, when you find yourself thinking too much about an ex, scrap the “pros” column altogether and stick with keeping a running list of things you don’t like. Having a list on hand will help bring you back to reality so you don’t glamorize the relationship.

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