7 Intense Workouts You Can Do in Small Spaces

Whether it’s your office cubicle, hotel room, or pint-sized apartment, trying to squeeze exercise into these spaces feels like a lost cause — especially when it comes to any kind of workout that will actually show results. But often, due to our hectic schedules, these locations are the only places we can hope to sneak in a workout. And as research has shown us, even if it’s minimal, getting some kind of daily exercise is better than none at all. The good news is, with some creative flexibility, it’s more than possible to get a big workout in a small space.

1. Mountain climbers

Young Man Doing Planking Exercise

Mountain climbers are great to do in any small space. | iStock.com

To get some intense cardio without pounding the pavement, go mountain climbing (the kind that doesn’t require an actual mountain). To do a mountain climber, get into push-up position. Then step one foot forward as if you’re walking up a staircase. Repeat with the alternate foot. Do this move as fast as you can for one minute. Repeat two more times with a 30-second break between each set.

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