10 Ways You Can Build Arm Muscles Without Weights

There are guys out there who could spend all day at the gym, and some actually do. For everyone else, hitting the bike and weight room is more of a task than a treat. Getting cardio away from the confines of the treadmill is easy enough. All you have to do is lace up your shoes and head outside for a run, bike, or hop in the pool to swim some laps. Even some strengthening exercises, like squats and planks, are easy to work into a routine away from the gym.

Working your arms is a little more problematic, because most of the go-to moves require a full set of dumbbells and other machinery. The secret to taking these moves out of the weight room is modifying them just a bit. These exercises will help you build arm muscles without ever picking up a single dumbbell. All you need is some basic equipment: a stable chair, a towel, and some resistance bands. With these moves you can lose the gym without losing your physique.

1. Downward dog push-ups

man doing yoga

This is the start of your downward dog push-ups.| iStock.com

For such a great exercise, the downward dog tends to get the cold shoulder due to its association with trendy yoga pants. But this move has tons of benefits and should be a part of pretty much every exercise plan out there. In this instance, downward dog is the base for a weights-free arm workout that targets your triceps and shoulders. Plus, it’s a nice departure from the hum-drum push-ups from the plank position. (Not that there is anything wrong with the plank. It’s just nice to have a little variety, right?)

Take a cue from HowCast’s video on proper form — start yourself in a standard push-up — or plank — position, before pushing up into downward dog. For a rep, use your arms and shoulders to lower your forehead toward the ground. Then, exhale and engage your triceps to lift yourself back up.