Relationship Advice: 10 Reasons Why Your Marriage Failed

Marriage can be beautiful when both partners treat each other with love and respect. However, when a marriage goes bad, it can be quite unpleasant. According to research, a bad marriage can even make you sick. Months, or even years later, you might be left wondering why things didn’t work out. Troubling thoughts may even pass through your mind from time to time as you go over what went wrong.

Why do marriages fail? Relationship experts say there are a few common factors that can be seen in most relationships that go bad. When several of these factors occur for a long time, a marriage can suffer greatly. Here are 10 reasons why your marriage failed.

1. You stopped communicating

man and woman not speaking to each other

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. |

A healthy marriage requires constant communication. It’s hard to determine if you’re both happy with the way things are going if you’re not regularly checking in with each other. If you and your partner stopped having meaningful conversations, this may have led to the downfall of your relationship. As hurt continues to build and go unaddressed, your emotional walls become harder to penetrate.

Audrey Hope, a relationship expert and addictions specialist at Seasons in Malibu, said a lack of communication can cause a married couple to give up over time. “You put your feelings under the rug, in a closet, in a drawer, and buried what you are wanting to say. Resentment and problems build because there is too much ‘stuff’ in the closet. The pain of not relating to each other might reach the limit and you can’t clear things out, so you leave each other,” Hope told The Cheat Sheet.

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