5 Signs That You’re Not Ready to Have Children

It’s common for millennials to feel the pressure of finding a balance between career and family, and it’s sparked numerous conversations about how our society has changed over the past few decades. In the days of Mad Men and, for some, watching the way our parents did it, it’s clear to see that times are changing, and a new mentality has come to surface. Back in the day, couples got married right out of college, the husband went off to a full-time career, and the wife started having kids. However, with an increased cost of living, less job stability, and the emergence of new global industries like the booming tech and start-up worlds, there’s no longer a set road map by which to spend your young adult years.

Women are going full-speed after careers of their dreams, couples are taking more time to get to know one another, and themselves, before walking down the aisle, and the lines have been seriously blurred as to what makes for an “appropriate” age to start a family. If you’ve been on the fence and aren’t sure if procreating, at least not right now, is for you, here are five signs you might not be ready to have children.

1. You’re constantly on the move

Man packing to move

Cant stay anywhere for longer than a month? | iStock.com

If you enjoy a globe-trotting lifestyle and can’t seem to stay in the same place for more than a few weeks at a time, then baby beware. This probably isn’t news to you, but babies typically offer up several road bumps when it comes to traveling. Sure, you might be lucky enough to birth a child who never cries, doesn’t risk catching germs, and is a readily-born traveling tot. But you could also win the lottery.