10 Signs Your Partner Is Completely Unprepared for a Serious Relationship

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level, but you’re picking up some resistance? If you’ve been waiting for your partner to take the next step toward a serious relationship, in some cases you could be waiting for a very long time. There’s a possibility he or she is not ready to get serious right now — or ever. Here are a few signs your devotion is completely one-sided.

1. No one knows you’re dating

Portrait of unhappy, confused woman

If your partner hasn’t told anyone you’re dating, this is a bad sign. | iStock.com

If you’ve been seriously dating for a while and still haven’t been introduced to family and friends, something is wrong. Eyebrows should raise if your date introduces you as a “friend” or doesn’t introduce you at all when you run into someone he or she knows well. The reason for the lack of introduction could be a lot of things. You could just be a fling or a dirty little secret because your partner’s friends and family might object if they met you.

The worst case scenario? Your new love might be married. Whatever the reason, it will be important to ask where you stand and learn the reason for the rude behavior.