Relationship Troubles? Here’s the Best Way to Solve a Problem With Your Partner

Every relationship faces key turning points, roadblocks, or hurdles that have to be overcome in order to move on. These challenges occur any time there is a major shift or change in the life of one or both partners, such as financial troubles, a death in the family, or a change in career. Perhaps one person wants to go to grad school in Iowa and the other doesn’t want to leave their job on the East Coast, or one person wants kids and the other doesn’t. These challenges come in many forms and happen in every relationship. What’s important is the way you deal with them.

While these transitions will most certainly bring up stress, disagreements, and frustration, each time you’re able to move past one of these challenges and your relationship survives, it’s able to grow and expand. The key is taking the time to communicate clearly and reach a compromise or solution together.

1. Acknowledge the situation

two men talking

Always talk through things with your partner. |

When one of these life transitions comes up, be intentional in the way you handle it. Don’t deny, disregard, or minimize what is happening or what you’re feeling. Face the issue head on by reaching out to your partner and discussing the current situation in a practical, logical way. Address what is going on and why. Even if the topic is a difficult one, changes or hardships should not be ignored, as pretending it doesn’t exist will only build resentment and anger leaving both parties feeling unheard or underappreciated.

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