7 Ways You Can Stick to a Healthy Diet at Restaurants

You might make sure your home-cooked meals are loaded with healthy fats, green veggies, and minimal sugar, but when you go out to eat, this could be a completely different story. You might taste delicious food and try an inventive cocktail or two, but before you know it, you could throw your diet into a tailspin and leave feeling like you’ve undone all of your healthy eating. The truth is you can go out to eat with your friends and maintain your diet without having to go straight for the salads on the menu. Here are seven tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy eating out.

1. Skip the freebies

Group of friends enjoying an evening meal at a restaurant

Group of friends enjoying an evening meal at a restaurant. | iStock.com

If you’re going out to dinner with a table full of your friends, chances are your server will bring fresh, warm bread before you order your meal. If you’re in a Mexican restaurant, this might be free tortilla chips and salsa. While a slice of bread or two may sound tempting, you can sabotage your diet by going for the free food. If you choose to order an appetizer and a large dinner, that bread could be adding hundreds of calories before the real eating even starts. Plus, The Daily Meal explains the simple carbohydrates in bread stimulate insulin production, which actually makes you hungrier. If you were planning on eating light, that bread could seriously backfire.