25 Superfoods Everyone Needs to Be Eating Way More Regularly


Add oatmeal into your diet. | iStock.com

We’ve all heard the term superfood, but it often feels more like a trendy buzzword than a signifier of anything important. Practically every kind of food or drink has been said to cure cancer, improve mood, and ward off unwanted diseases. Many of these claims are dubious, falling into the realm of pseudoscience and bunk research.

However, superfoods are real, and you should be eating them. So what exactly are they? According to Live Science, the term refers to any nutrient-dense food we know to be good for our bodies. But that’s about as specific as it gets, because they can be part of numerous food groups and offer different benefits. This might actually be good thing, though. After all, if one is known to ward off cardiovascular disease and another supports a healthy brain, we’re betting you’d like to fill your plate with both.

With that in mind, here’s a list of superfoods everyone needs to include in their diet. These eats have actual benefits, free of overblown claims and dubious science.

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