10 Things Beyoncé Does on Sundays to Relieve Stress

Anyone who’s watched a performance or seen a documentary about Queen Bey knows she’s a self-proclaimed workaholic. She might look sexy and care-free up on stage dancing to her hit music, but when the curtain closes, Beyoncé has a hand in almost every single element of her performance — from her costumes and lighting to her backup singers and sound tests. It’s easy to see how she’s been able to achieve so much success — the woman does not stop working for a second!

So what does it take for Bey to unwind? Apparently, it’s enjoying a full day of rest(ish) on Sundays. Here’s a (Sun)day in the life of Beyoncé, and why you might want to follow suit. 

1. Pray and meditate

Beyoncé meditating on the floor

Beyoncé believes in meditation, and so should you. | beyonce via Instagram

It’s no doubt she’s a religious and spiritual woman. In an interview with BEAT magazine, she says the first thing she does each morning is pray and meditate, which helps her drown out the constant noise that surrounds her every move.

In her 2013 HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream, she revealed praying is also about family. “I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers,” she said. And Bey may have praying and meditating to thank for helping keep her in such good health. In addition to reducing stress, medical professionals have found that it can also boost the body’s immune system.

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