10 Types of Relationships You Should Avoid at All Costs

There are a few types of relationships you should avoid

There are a few types of relationships you should avoid. | iStock.com

Love is hard to find. Some people wait years while others never find it at all. Once you’ve met someone you love, it may be tempting to hold on to them with everything you’ve got, but it’s important to remember that not every type of love leads to a happy, healthy relationship. Love should make you the best version of yourself. It should include more highs than lows. Unfortunately, more often than not, being in love can bring out your worst qualities, fears, and insecurities, especially when you’re intimate with someone who’s dealing with their own baggage.

One survey by YourTango found that 89% of people think that half or more of all people have toxic relationships in their lives. These toxic relationships can be hard to spot, as they often come in pretty packages that seem wonderful on the outside, but are full of issues and hurt on the inside. Not sure where your relationship falls on the spectrum? Take a look at these top 10 relationships to avoid.

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