10 Unhealthy Behaviors That Indicate Your Relationship Is Doomed

Couple in a car

Annoyed woman | iStock.com/AleksandarPetrovic

Learning how to relate to your partner can mean the difference between a joyful union and a painful breakup, so do yourself and your significant other a favor by taking the time adjust potentially harmful behaviors. When things get tough, relationship expert Gail Katz says both parties need to be involved. “If you decide to ditch your old habits to save your relationship, you need to practice your new social skills so they become new, healthier habits,” Katz said. “And your partner needs to celebrate your changes and remind you when you fall back on old habits. The two of you are in a relationship, so the two of you need to work on it together.”

To hear more about what leads to a relationship breakdown, The Cheat Sheet spoke with some other leading mental health and relationship experts. Based on what they said, here are 10 behaviors that can kill your relationship.