15 Useless Body Parts You Could Totally Live Without

There’s no doubt about it — your body goes through some pretty amazing processes every single day to keep you alive. Your heart beats steadily without you having to think about it. Your lungs take in oxygen with little effort. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — The Independent reminds us just how important certain body parts are. Without your pinky finger, you’d lose 50% of the strength in your hand. And your stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve metal (and certainly that cheeseburger you had for lunch).

But have you ever considered the parts of your body that are pretty useless? From your internal organs to your extremities, there’s a lot going on that you really don’t need. If you removed these 15, you’d be totally fine.

1. Extra eye membrane

African American female with a watchful eye

You look at this body part in the mirror every day. | iStock.com/phakimata

You might not know this one by its formal name, but you look at it every day. Encyclopedia Britannica explains the plica semilunaris is kind of similar to the third eyelid in other animals. It’s that thin, pink membrane right in the corner of your eye. So, what’s the point of it? Scientists think it originally formed in order to help keep your eye moist and clean, or maybe to help conceal your iris from predators in the wild. Whatever the case might have been, it’s really not necessary anymore.

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