5 Ways Processed Meats Are Destroying Your Health

If you’re looking to fuel up on plenty of protein to get through your toughest workouts, then you might think bacon, sausages, and lunch meats should be incorporated into your meals. While a bit of cured and processed meat here and there won’t completely sabotage your diet, you need to be aware there are some ingredients in those meats that can be bad for your health. Here are five reasons why you might want to cut back.

1. They can cause high blood pressure

Stethoscope and blood pressure monitor

Processed meats can hurt your heart. | iStock.com

Along with pre-made boxed dinners, sugary soft drinks, and canned soups, processed meats are high on the list of foods to avoid for a healthy heart. The Grio explains any meat that has been preserved through smoking, curing, salting, or chemicals of any kind should be eaten minimally, as the salt content can do major damage in the long run. Considering most of the sodium in your diet comes from packaged foods and eating out at restaurants, it’s vital to watch the amount of processed meat you’re eating. The story went on to explain many of these meats contain nearly a day’s worth of sodium.