5 Weight-Loss Strategies That Have Nothing to Do With Diet

The best method for weight loss is simple: Follow a healthy and balanced diet, and add regular exercise to your routine. Before you know it, the added weight should come right off, right? Sometimes, though, that is easier said than done.

Like many things, weight-loss methods are a lot easier to say than follow. If it was simple to suddenly change your eating habits and get your body moving on a regular basis, many of us would probably be a whole lot healthier. Unfortunately, you have to do more than just decide you’re going to make a change. You have to follow through.

To make the journey easier, here are five weight-loss strategies that should become part of your healthy lifestyle. They’ll make losing weight feel like a piece of cake.

1. Surround yourself with a support system

group of young friends walking together on a sunny day

Surrounding yourself with supportive people can help you lose weight. | iStock.com

Things are always a lot easier when we can rely on supportive people, especially when it comes to weight loss. Business Insider mentions that we are highly influenced by the five people we spend most of our time with. They affect the way we think, the decisions we make, and even our self-esteem. It’s no wonder why having people who encourage us can be crucial in order to successfully lose weight.

Medical Daily says that one study found that clinically obese women were more likely to lose and/or maintain weight if they were supported by family and friends. On the other hand, women who were criticized and who didn’t have a support system gained an average of 4.5 pounds throughout the eight-month study. Not only did the findings show the relationship between weight loss and support, but the relationship between weight loss and criticism is shown as well. Disapproval increases insecurities, causing discouragement and despair which can disrupt weight-loss efforts.

WebMD says that having support from a friend who’s going through the same journey can be even more beneficial. By having a partner with you along the way, you’ll have someone who can help keep you accountable and keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

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