5 Workout Secrets That Will Help You Lose Weight

Whether you’ve been hitting the gym regularly for years or you’re just starting to get into your workout routine, it can be tough to establish a regimen and find the perfect exercise plan that works for you. Weight loss doesn’t come easy, and even with the perfect diet and exercise regimen, it can be discouraging to wait for those unwanted pounds to disappear. We all know that hard work and dedication pays off when it comes to our fitness goals, and there are a few secrets to keep in mind when trying to lose weight for good. And, the best part about this advice is that you don’t need expensive gym equipment or a personal trainer to get the most out of your exercise — these are secrets that you can take with you no matter what your workout entails. Take a look at these five workout secrets that will motivate you to keep working hard and getting fit.

1. Remember to breathe

Breathing during exercise can help you work harder

Breathing during exercise can help you work harder. | iStock.com

We’ve all been there. You’re working on your third set of bicycle crunches, and you start turning red in the face because you’re working so hard you’ve forgotten to breathe. This all-too common practice of holding your breath during intense exercise can be extremely detrimental to your workout as a whole, and it can actually prevent you from working out to your fullest potential.

To lose weight, you need to give each of your workouts your whole effort, and remembering to breathe will help fuel your muscles and keep you going longer and harder. Greatist explains when you breathe properly during exercise, you calm your mind, deliver oxygen to your muscles so they can perform properly, and help prevent the awful side stitch from occurring. If running is your exercise of choice, many runners tend to take one breath for every two foot strikes, and during weight training, always exhale during exertion. When you feel like you’re out of breath, use both your nose and your mouth to inhale instead of just inhaling through the nose for even more oxygen flow.

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