5 Workouts That Will Give You Stronger Forearms

Many gym goers think they have it all figured out when it comes to lifting weights. You most likely spent a great deal of time crafting a well-rounded routine that targets all your major muscle groups. A closer look at your arm routine probably reveals plenty of moves to work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, but if you’re not taking time to focus on your forearms, you’re seriously limiting your potential. Bodybuilding.com explains while many of the moves for your upper arms work the lower part to an extent, you really need to do some exercises that target these muscles specifically. Weak forearms prevent you from realizing your full potential for lifts like the bench press, because they act as a support system for your upper arms.

Even guys who aren’t after the glory of lifting the most weight at the gym need to incorporate some lower-arm training into their routine. Sports like rock climbing, wrestling, baseball, volleyball, and golf all demand strong forearms. Developing these muscles will also come in handy when dealing with a stubborn pickle jar.

Before you start throwing new moves into your routine, you need to be a bit strategic. STACK says you should group forearm exercises at the end of your weight program, because tiring this area too soon will cause all of your other lifts to suffer. As for the exercises, these five are some of the best out there. Incorporate these moves into your routine, and you could start seeing bigger gains and a better golf score.

1. Plate tosses

Plate tosses will give you stronger forearms

Plate tosses will give you stronger forearms. | iStock.com

There are a number of different moves that go by this name, but we’re focusing on the version that works each arm separately. Because you’ll be using one hand at a time, make sure you start with a manageable weight so you don’t lose control and drop the weight on your toes. Muscle & Fitness likes this move because it’s great for building strength and explosiveness.

To perform the exercise, stand in an athletic stance with your knees slightly bent and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold a plate in front of your waist with one hand. Drop the weight, then quickly move your hand down to catch it in the same spot. After 10 repetitions, switch sides, and aim for three to four sets.

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