10 of the Worst Airports in the World

Here are some of the worst airports in the world

Here are some of the worst airports in the world | MOHD RASFAN/AFP/Getty Images

Long security lines. Rude ticket agents. Cars packed like sardines in the departures and arrivals lanes. Spotty Wi-Fi at best. No matter where you’ve traveled, you’ve likely encountered one or all of these not-so-glamorous aspects of flying. It’s great to be able to climb onto a vehicle that can cross oceans within hours, but enduring airport headaches is the price we pay for it.

At a few rare destinations, like Singapore’s Changi International Airport, layovers and flight delays are inconveniences to celebrate. Who wouldn’t mind a few extra hours in an airport with a sauna, spa, koi pond, and free movie theater? In most cases, you deal with the normal grievances and make it to your flight, forgetting the lousy but typical experience at the gate. But in some instances, the airport truly detracts from your trip and makes the entire experience something Dante would use for inspiration.

Each year, SleepingInAirports releases its list of worst airports, based on reviews from the past 12 months. In 2015, more than 26,000 responses were included, and ranked airports based on the overall experience, cleanliness, services available, customer service, comfort, and “sleepability” (for the site’s namesake). The average ratings are used to come up with the list.

The good news? If you only take domestic flights in the United States, you’ll skip the horrors of using the world’s worst airports. The bad news? They span the rest of the globe. If you’re traveling for business or leisure, do what you can to stay away from these airports. And if you must fly from or to them, know what’s in store once you arrive.