5 Desserts That Reimagine Your Favorite Foods

It is time to reinvent your desserts — but not with a revolutionary recipe or one that is overcomplicated and involves ingredients you’ve never heard of. Instead, you can repurpose foods that already have a sweet taste into another dessert. Sometimes this is totally straightforward — hardly transforming the original food. Other times, it can take the food and use it in a way you hadn’t previously imagined.

There can be several reasons for wanting to make a dessert into another food. In certain instances, it can reduce food waste. Other times, it jazzes up a dessert that isn’t going stale, but its taste has become boring to you. Transforming one food into another can also just be fun, and who doesn’t like an unexpected dish? One thing is certain, you’ll never look at excess sweet foods or leftovers the same way again.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

1. Donut cake

We’ll kick it off with donut cakes. This is a case of simply using a food in a new way, and the only skill it requires on your end is plating. How your cake stacks up is entirely at your discretion. If you have a tiered cake stand, you can fan the donut around the various levels, like My Juice Cup did. Without a cake stand, you can still make a pyramid out of your donuts, or vertical stacks, using toothpicks to help keep your donuts in place. Another trick is to use dabs of icing as “glue” for structural purposes.