5 Insanely Unhealthy NFL Stadium Foods

Football stadiums are veritable minefields of diet-ruining delicacies. The culinary options offered by National Football League teams across the country are rarely diet-friendly, but are often delicious. Today, what was once a humble tradition of hot dogs and pretzels has escalated into a smorgasbord of calorie-packed munchies — funnily enough, however, no one seems to be complaining.

These 5 foods are the most utterly unhealthy options you’ll find at NFL stadiums across the nation.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

1. Toasted Ravioli (Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis Rams)

These ravioli — a St. Louis staple — are not so much toasted as they are deep fried. The origins of the Italian dish are disputed, with several St. Louis restaurants claiming that the recipe originated in their own kitchens. Regardless of where the ravioli got its start, the components are unequivocally spectacular: typically, these crispy morsels are filled with a beef or veal, breaded, and deep fried to a perfection, writes the Riverfront Times. Sure, they aren’t doing your diet any favors — but stadium food rarely does. Head over to St. Louis to try them, or give the dish a shot in your own kitchen.