5 Routines Designed to Help You Break Your Elliptical Rut

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

At some point, everyone has ventured on an elliptical. Gyms are filled with rows of them, and what’s not to like? Ellipticals are easy on the joints and make for a great total-body workout. But if you’re tired of the same old elliptical routine or aren’t seeing the results you’d like to, you may need to try mixing up your next workout. These routines can all be done on an elliptical. They focus on different paces, resistance, and intensity, making for a great calorie burning workout. Plus, when you’re switching up your paces and resistance every few minutes, you’ll find that your workout goes by faster. Ready to break out of your elliptical rut? Here are five routines designed to spice up your next workout.

1. Booty Workout

This routine will target your glutes and hamstrings simply by switching up the incline on your elliptical. It’s everything you could hope for in a workout. It will tone your tush while simultaneously putting you through a great cardio routine. Ready for your best possible booty? Try this Fit Sugar inspired routine.

  • For the first two minutes, 30 seconds, set your resistance to three and your incline to five. Keep your strides per minute (SPM for short, and it should be displayed on your elliptical screen) between 110 and 130.
  • From two minutes, 30 seconds to five minutes, set your resistance to five and your incline to seven, with your SPM between 120 and 130.
  • Between minutes five and 10, up your resistance to nine and your incline to 11, maintaining a stride between 130 and 140.
  • From 10 to 15 minutes, keep your resistance at nine and raise your incline to 13, staying between 130 to 140 SPM.
  • You should stay at a nine resistance for minutes 15 through 20, but you’ll want to increase your incline to 15, maintaining your SPM between 130 and 140.
  • For minutes 20 through 25, you’ll up your resistance to 11 and keep your incline at 15, with your SPM between 120 and 130. For an extra boost, move your feet in a backwards motion.
  • Minutes 25 through 30 should be at a nine resistance with a 15 incline. Keep your SPM between 130 and 140 — switch your movements to forward.
  • Minutes 30 to 32 minutes, 30 seconds will be at a resistance of five, an incline of five and an SPM of 120 to 130.
  • From 32 minutes, 30 seconds to 35 minutes, slow down to a three resistance, a five incline, and an SPM of 120 to 130. You’re done!

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