5 Wacky Workouts to Help You Get Fit

It’s almost swimsuit season, which means it’s also generally the time where we turn back to exercise to help shed some of that winter weight. But for those feeling uninspired by simply hitting the pavement and running, have no fear — we’ve got some wacky workout alternatives that will keep you amused and have you feeling fit.

Read on to learn more about these fun fitness trends.

1. Aerial yoga

Though it might look like members of these classes are hanging from camping pods that extend from the ceiling, the “pods” are actually soft fabric hammocks. A variation on yoga, aerial yoga — also sometimes called antigravity yoga — is designed to help devotees achieve a full-body workout at a much faster rate. Much like blocks that are used in traditional yoga to help with alignment and form, hammocks in aerial yoga are also used as props to help lessen spine pressure. Proponents of aerial yoga also say that because the hammock helps with alignment, they can achieve proper posture with more ease.

According to AerialYoga.com, “Many Unnata Aerial Yoga postures are designed to help the student better understand the purpose of traditional Yoga postures. Some Unnata Aerial Yoga postures are designed to help students achieve advanced traditional Yoga postures. Advanced Yoga postures can take years to learn, and even more time to understand and glean their benefits. The practice of Unnata Aerial Yoga is meant to help speed up that process in a safe manner.”