5 Healthy and Helpful Tips for Dining Out on a Diet

About 75% of Americans eat out at least once a week, writes Fitness, and these mealtime outings serve a greater purpose than just fulfilling our appetites: They’re an important aspect of our social lives, as well. As most of us already know, a night out at a restaurant, pub, or cafe can prove challenging to navigate while adhering to a strict diet. This is not only because we’re faced with so many tantalizing (and not-very-healthy) options, but also because we’re too busy enjoying the camaraderie of friends and family to focus on food habits.

Next time you’re out to eat at a restaurant, try to keep your diet on track by staying conscious of these five tips.

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1. Get to know the menu

Most restaurants have their food and drink offerings available online so that you can prepare a health-conscious decision well ahead of arriving for your meal, reports Today. It can be handy to keep these nutritional facts in mind prior to arriving and being overwhelmed with a wide variety of tasty and tantalizing offerings.

Some establishments even have separate menus for healthy eating. Those that don’t will still have a sampling of dishes catering to a lighter palate, often with calorie and fat counts included. Stay away from fried foods — rather, stick with grilled items, vegetables, and salads.