5 Worldwide Wine Stores That Will Leave You Amazed

When traveling, we’re always on the lookout for beautiful things: beautiful buildings, beautiful bridges, beautiful parks, and beautiful views—any way you can get them. With this concept of beauty and pleasure, several wine shops around the world have taken aesthetics to a new level, and no longer are wine shops just stores where you can buy a bottle or two. Today, some of the world’s best wine shops are immersive cultural experiences filled with history and architecture. Now that’s a beautiful thing.

5. Albert Reichmuth Wine Store
Zurich, Switzerland

Source: Dezeen

Source: Dezeen

Talk about an efficient use of space and product: this Zurich-based wine shop, designed by Swiss architects OOS, is built from wine crates used to transport the bottles. More than 1,500 of these unbranded cases—primarily from Bordeaux—line the shop, and are used for displays, storage, and shelving. In total, they serve as a platform for approximately 570 wines, books, seating areas and illuminated table display cabinets. Looking to visit? Take note and remember that these (primarily French) wines are displayed by region.

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