8 Diet Foods That Are Not as Healthy as You Think

When it comes to dieting, most of us have the basics down pat. Brownies, cakes, cookies, fast food, greasy chips, and anything fried are foods that must be avoided. However, there are many sneaky foods that are thought to be healthy, but actually have the potential to derail your diet faster than a Big Mac. These tricky foods are often deemed as diet friendly and healthy alternatives to junk food favorites. Curious about which foods to look out for? Here are 8 foods with healthy reputations that aren’t as nutritious as you may think.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

1. Turkey Burgers

Many people believe that a burger made with turkey contains less calories and fat than one made from ground beef. But often, turkey burgers, especially those ordered in restaurants, are made from dark meat and turkey skin, meaning they’re high in saturated fat and calories, per Today. In its absolute worst form, turkey burgers can be made entirely from dark skin, giving it an alarmingly high fat content.

If you want to stick with turkey burgers, use ground turkey that is at least 95 percent lean, Today suggests. Or, you could swap it out for a tuna burger, which has very little sodium and contains more healthy fats than turkey, according to Prevention.