6 Outrageous Burgers Worth Traveling to Try

In its purest form, a hamburger is a simple creation: a patty of ground meat between buns. Yet to aficionados and foodies alike, a burger can be so much more. Taking into account novelty, quality, and proportions, we’ve developed a list of six summer burgers worth traveling for. Be warned: This list will make you very, very hungry.

1. The Walking Ched, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab: Des Moines, Iowa

At Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, there is no shortage of wacky, extreme concoctions — a Reese’s Puff Cereal Shake and a burger made out of bratwurst, to name a few. One of the restaurant’s most popular burgers, though, takes the cake for being the wackiest: breaded and deep-fried macaroni and cheese served atop an all-beef burger, topped (also!) with cheddar cheese, regular macaroni and cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, and caramelized and raw onion.  If you’re thinking that this burger might be a cheese overload, then you’re probably right. Its name is The Walking Ched, after all.