6 Time-Saving Travel Apps

School is almost out, and travel season is right around the corner. And while travel is typically enjoyable and relaxing, oftentimes the planning that goes into a trip isn’t. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps to help you stay organized — and happy! — during both the planning and traveling phases.



1. TripIt (free)

Help minimize the headaches you get organizing all the itineraries, reservations, numbers, and schedules you have during your travel with this app. Among other features, the app will create a calendar for you based on travel-related emails and details, and syncs automatically with Gmail and Google calendar to pull the information. In addition to its organizational features, the app also provides maps, weather forecasts, suggested restaurants, and attractions. While the basic app is free, you can pay 99 cents for an ad-free version, and business travelers may consider updating to TripIt Pro ($49 for one year).