7 Mortgage Tips You Should Know Before Signing

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Buying a house is the dream of many, but poor planning can turn that dream sour in a heartbeat! As many folks have found out the hard way: the best mortgage advice is knowing what to expect before you sign. Here are a few tips to make the process of buying a home what it should be: a dream come true.

1. Basic Mortgage Planning

It’s fine to want the best home you can afford, but be certain that it is comfortable affordability. Although you may find certain mortgage lenders who will stretch your qualification ratios (the ratio of your total mortgage payment to your total income) the traditional ratios of a mortgage payment that’s about 28 percent of your income and the total of your mortgage payment plus your monthly debt payments at around 36 percent of your income are good basic guidelines. Of course, many homeowners have entered a mortgage with less; when problems arise, however, those who stick with these ratios tend to come out on top in the end.

2. Mortgage Planning Is Easier with a Defined Budget

Your household budget can tell you a lot about which properties are a good fit and which are best left alone. The fact is, however, that many folks don’t keep a well-defined budget at all. Take a few months, save every receipt, and get an accurate view of what you spend. Most importantly, write it down! Once you have it all on paper, it is much easier to see how the cost of mortgage payments, insurance, and property taxes can fit into your normal monthly spending.

This kind of budget examination will make the process of mortgage planning infinitely easier and could also give you a better idea of where (or how) you should live to pay your bills and still put money aside. For example, you may find that too a large percentage goes to gas to and from work or to a particular pizza shop down the block; setting up residence closer to work or out of your favorite restaurant’s delivery range could greatly reduce your monthly expenses.

3. Pay Off Small Debts

Another great piece of mortgage advice is to pay off your lesser debts before you sign. Having three small credit card balances will only cloud the big picture. Even though the total is small, all three will have minimum payments, credit lines, etc. Pay as many of these small debts down to $0 balances and you’ll have fewer monthly bills and may even raise your credit score.