7 Tips for Soothing a Sunburn

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

There are few things better than lazing in the sun and enjoying a day at the beach, but that fun can quickly be cut short by a sunburn — the skin’s reaction to ultraviolet light found in the sun’s rays. While most skin damage from sunburns is typically mild or severe, certain sunburns do need medical attention. But how do you know what’s severe and what’s simply an irritation? For starters, severe sunburns often blister, are accompanied by a fever or pain, and don’t improve within a few days. You should also consult a doctor if you’ve developed a skin infection from scratching your skin.

For sunburns that don’t need medical attention, however, there are lots of remedies that will help ease your irritation. Read on to find out more about tackling your sunburn at home.

1. Cool down with a compress

Following a sunburn, the skin is inflamed, swollen, and can even feel hot. To cool it down, dip a compress in water and lay it over the burn. The cloth will warm in response to the skin, and once that happens, it’s time to dip the cloth in cold water again. Repeat this exercise several times a day to continually cool down the skin. Those with itching can also mix in some aluminum acetate — commonly found in drugstores as Domeboro powder – to help skin from getting too dry and itchy. Witch hazel, an astringent, has also been found to provide long lasting relief for irritated skin and may work for some sunburns.

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