7 Ways to Stay in Shape and Look Great While on Vacation

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Vacation is supposed to be all about relaxation, but for some, it’s stress-inducing. Many people work hard all year to stay in shape and get to a certain fitness level, so when a week-long hiatus comes along that threatens their structure, schedule, and progress — they panic. How can they possibly maintain their current level of fitness if they lay on the beach all day and have no access to the gym? Luckily, it’s possible, just as long as they’re willing to work out outside the box, and what’s more, more often than not, it’s usually even a little fun. Here are 7 ways to exercise your body even while your mind is on vacation this summer. Just in case you aren’t ready to take a respite from your workout schedule, pencil these exercise ideas into your vacation agenda.

1. Take Advantage of the Beach

The first thing you can do to stay in shape while at the beach is to take advantage of the sandy stuff. You heard us — run, or walk, on the beach. If the stars on Baywatch can do it, so can you. The great thing about taking your workout to the sand is that first off, it provides a good backdrop for your run, and secondly, it presents you with a challenge that you would not have encountered had you kept your exercise to the confines of the four walls of the gym.

There’s a reason beach running seems harder — it is. According to a study performed by The Journal of Experimental Biology, highlighted by Runnersfeed.com,  an athlete running on soft beach sand expends close to one and a half times more energy than an individual running on the road. That’s why beach running is ideal for vacationers who still want to sustain their level of fitness while on vacation, but also don’t want to spend their whole week-long reprieve working up a sweat. Beach running is an efficient calorie burning workout that requires only a good pair of running shoes, and when you couple the difficulty the sand adds to it, along with the strong winds that also usually accompany it, you can go to the beach expecting a sweat-filled workout.