Affordable American Travel: 5 Must-Sees in the South

The South is a part of the country that you don’t want to forget when planning a road trip. It is actually such a big part of the U.S. that you could easily make two trips: You could travel to the Southwest on one and to the Southeast on another. However, our list is comprised of locations in both areas because the South as a whole has many great places to visit.

Although the Southern states can easily be visited throughout most of the year thanks to the warm weather climate, the summer is a great time to visit, as well. There are various different sites to see in the South, but our list focuses on some of the best locales that also happen to be affordable. If you’re already paying for gas, food, lodging, and potentially car maintenance, you will want to be sure you visit some of these five affordable must-sees in the South.

Source: Frank Buchalski / Flickr Creative Commons

1. The Alamo

There are many choices for fun things to do in Texas: It is a big state, after all. However, the Alamo is a definite must-see. Visiting the Alamo is like reliving a part of history – 2.5 million people visit each year to learn about the Alamo and how it has played into the history of Texas. Admission is free. You can take a tour if you want to ($7-$15 per person) or simply explore the 4.2-acre compound.

You can also visit the official Alamo museum or see the Alamo Gardens, which are also free. The Alamo has several events this summer, including demonstrations and performances.