Bank on Being Fit: Eat and Exercise Like Tyra Banks

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

From her extraordinary modeling career to her hit TV show, American’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks conquers everything she tries. So it’s no surprise she is also successful when it comes to following a healthy diet and exercise plan. There are no tricks or strange diets, either — it’s all about eating healthy and hopping on a treadmill.

Even more inspiring? Banks has struggled with her weight in the past, but rather than succumbing to a quick diet fix, she worked it off following a realistic fitness regimen. Banks is a role model for many, including young girls, aspiring models and even successful supermodels.

Banks says her weight was even an issue at the start of her modeling career. As her curves began to appear, Tyra tells People she was rejected over and over again, particularly by high-end designers. However, Banks found a way to embrace her curves. “I said, ‘Child, you’re telling me I’m too big? I’m going to the commercial side,’” she told People. Banks then went on to become Sports Illustrated’s first African-American cover girl, in addition to becoming a model for Victoria’s Secret. “When she walked down the [Victoria’s Secret] runway, she was bigger than all the other girls. She hid the body parts she didn’t want to show, and she rocked it,” Heidi Klum, Banks’ friend and former model, told People.

Despite it all, Banks has maintained her confidence and a stunning body, proving you don’t need to follow a crazy diet to lose weight. Ready to follow a few tips and tricks that this former model follows? Here’s a look into Banks’ workout and diet plan.