Beach Body: 5 Workouts You Can Do Seaside

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

No one wants to spend a beautiful, sunny day lifting weights or doing cardio indoors. So instead of heading to the gym, why not take your workout to the beach? Not only can you reward yourself by laying out and relaxing afterward, but the sand actually makes your workout harder, ensuring you blast extra fat and calories.

“Working out in the sand adds a ton of resistance to any exercise you’re doing,” DailyBurn trainer Anja Garcia tells the Huffington Post.

Ready to hit the beach and work up a sweat? Here are five great routines that only require some sun and sand.

1. Try this 10-minute tone-up workout, per the Huffington Post. Make sure you bring two towels with you to the beach; you’ll set them up 20 yards apart from one another. Before you begin, warm up with 30 seconds of skipping, along with 30 seconds of walking lunges. Complete three rounds of the exercises below, making sure to rest 30 seconds between each round.

  • Single-leg bounding: Drive the right knee up and leap off your left leg, pretending you are gliding through the air. Repeat on the other side, and try to get as high as possible.
  • Plank drag: This is when your towels come into play. Start in a plank position with one towel under your toes. Drag your toes toward your hands by engaging your core, then walk your hands out again so you’re closer to the far towel (remember, they should be about 20 yards apart).
  • Side shuffle: Shuffle laterally from one towel to the other, facing the same way as you go there and back.
  • Inchworm push-ups: Hinge at the waist, bend down and walk your hands away from your feet so you’re in a plank position. Do one push-up, walk your feet toward your hands and repeat.
  • Long jumps: Bend your knees and jump as far as you can toward the other towel. Continue jumping for the whole 30 seconds.

Just repeat two more times, and your workout’s complete!

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