Best American Slices: 5 Pizzerias You Have to Visit

Even the worst pizza in the world can give other foods some stiff competition. But the best pizzas in the world? Well, those are borderline heavenly. Great pizza often comes from the most surprising and unassuming of places. We’ve all had some pretty awesome slices in our days, but if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to dig deeper. It looks like it’s about time to schedule your next vacation, because these pizzas are worth the airfare.


1. Di Fara Pizza (Brooklyn, New York)

You won’t be surprised to hear that our first option is from New York. Being pizza nirvana, New York City has thousands of options just sitting there, waiting for you to munch. Di Fara is one of the finest places to start: Located in Brooklyn, this small establishment is as dripping in character as it is cheese. Each Di Fara pizza is lovingly made to order by owner Domenico de Marco, who has been hard at work there since he emigrated from Italy in 1959. De Marco shows no signs of stopping — be sure to read more of his story on the pizzeria’s website.

Authenticity is one of Di Fara’s high points, and the company has the flavor, texture, and delicate preparation to back it up: crisp crusts, fresh basil (grown on de Marco’s own sill), and sweet tomato sauce get the wood-burning oven treatment. Only hitch? Freshness takes time, so be prepared to wait!