Creating Kitchen Cabinets That Fit Your Kitchen Design

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A good kitchen remodel starts with good kitchen design. Setting a budget for the remodel, understanding your current kitchen design, and having a basic idea of how you may need to make changes in the basic layout and decor of your kitchen are all important. Maybe you need to knock down a wall to create a kitchen bar. Maybe you need to radically change the decor by altering components such as color scheme, storage placement, floor and wall coverings; or adding, removing, and shuffling appliances.

General Kitchen Design

Before a cabinetry professional can create the perfect kitchen cabinets for your new and improved space, you’ll need to have a good understanding of your general kitchen design, including both decorating style and setup. If you’re planning a full kitchen remodel that involves moving or shuffling a part of the kitchen work triangle—refrigerator, oven range, and sink—you may need to radically re-design your kitchen cabinetry. Even if you plan to keep your basic kitchen design, your grandmother’s cabinets probably aren’t going to look right next to new stainless steel appliances.

To gain a better understanding of what you want your kitchen to be and how you can design cabinetry around your kitchen, you’ll want to consider both kitchen trends and your own daily activities and preferences. If you hate doing the dishes, a deluxe dishwasher might be an important part of your kitchen design. If you like to cook and entertain guests at the same time, a more open space or extra kitchen seating may be the best addition to your old kitchen. Almost all areas of the home can benefit from improved lighting design and fixtures. Researching the latest trends is a great avenue for generating ideas, but always bring these choices back to the typical use of your kitchen and your own personalized desires.

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Kitchen Cabinet Design

When you’re planning your kitchen remodel, you don’t want to spend so much time on your floors, countertops, and appliances that you forget about the kitchen cabinets. After the first month has worn off the novelty of your new kitchen, you’ll start noticing how well your new kitchen performs, and your kitchen cabinets are going to have a tremendous impact. Both the decorative qualities of the cabinets and the amount of available kitchen storage they bring result from your kitchen cabinet design.

Kitchen cabinet design involves a combination of cabinetry materials, kitchen cabinet hardware, and cabinet size and spacing. The cabinetry should be durable, utilize space efficiently without overcrowding your kitchen decor, and have the proper color, texture, and knobs or handles to accentuate your kitchen design. While modular or conventional kitchen cabinets may be less expensive, custom kitchen cabinets may be the only thing that will accommodate your kitchen design. Cabinets that fit into small spaces, wall-mounted cabinets, and corner cabinets may all be integral parts of your particular kitchen design but unavailable in retail stock.

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