Easy Steps for Melt-Proof Makeup This Summer

Warmer months are upon us, and with them comes steamy temperatures, sweaty skin, and makeup that is harder to manage. Fear not, though, for we’ve got you covered: Read on to find out some of the best tips for making sure your makeup stays intact when the temperature rises.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/medvjek/


Preparation is key on a hot, sunny day – and perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than when beginning your makeup. Begin your routine with primer: It will help smooth texture and boost coverage, and products will wear better and last longer. To choose a primer, first determine if your skin type is oily, dry, or a combination. Once you’ve selected a primer that matches your skin, dab on a pea-sized dot onto already-moisturized skin and apply it evenly before moving on to your concealer and foundation. For especially warm days, a lightweight, silicone-based primer will be highly effective in keeping you feeling fresh and keeping your makeup intact.

Next up, foundation. Though there’s often a lot to cover, foundation can be a tricky beast in the heat, so try and approach it lightly and remember that the more you put on, the more there is to (potentially) come off. To begin, dampen a makeup sponge with warm water to ensure distribution is even and light. Wet the sponge slightly with a few drops of the foundation, and then swipe from the middle of the face outward in short, smooth motions. Wait a few minutes before applying other makeup to give the foundation some time to set. Alternately, you can choose to apply the foundation with your hands to warm it up and get it ready for the summer sun, but take care to spread it evenly and smoothly.