10 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods You Eat All the Time

You’ve tried to eat well, cutting out sugar and other processed foods that just aren’t good for you. You’re eating more veggies like kale and Brussels sprouts, and your idea of working out has changed from walking up the stairs in your office to actually hitting the gym a few times per week. Still, it’s easy to be fooled by clever marketing and misguided “wisdom” that actually steers your diet habits in the wrong direction. Some foods just aren’t as healthy for you as you might think.

Most of these items are better for you than a candy bar, but don’t be tricked into buying foods you think are healthy. Putting it on a label doesn’t always make it so. However these foods make it from the grocery store to your kitchen, it might be time to cross them off your list of guilt-free foods.

1. Multigrain and wheat breads

whole-grain bread slices with blades of wheat

Whole-grain bread | iStock.com

The reason white bread has become the enemy of the health world is not only because of its sugar content, but also because it’s made with refined grains. Refined grains are milled to increase their shelf life and provide a finer texture, but the process also strips the grains of nutrients like fiber, Mayo Clinic explains. Whole grains are preferable, and they can contain nutrients like magnesium and potassium on top of the fiber.

The problem is that many whole-grain and multigrain breads contain some whole grains, but are still mostly made with refined grains. Depending on the type you purchase, some loaves could have as much as 70% in refined grains — a far cry from true whole-grain bread. Muscle & Fitness suggests reading the nutritional label (not the marketing words on the front) to make sure “whole grains” or “whole wheat” is the first ingredient on the list.