8 Hotel Freebies You Can Score From the Front Desk

After a long trip, you finally arrive at your hotel ready to settle in for the evening. As you start to unpack, you realize you’ve forgotten key toiletry items, your phone charger, and even socks. Everyone has been there at some point. Whether you forgot to put the items in your suitcase or simply spaced altogether on packing them, it’s not a good feeling when your relaxing evening suddenly turns into a frantic race to the drugstore. But, next time you forget something, check with your hotel’s front desk first. You’d be surprised at the stuff they have on hand for guests. Here’s a list of free items and the hotels that provide them.

1. Hair tools

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You can get hair tools at the front desk if you ask | iStock.com

You can usually expect to find hair dryers in hotel rooms. But, what about for the mornings when you realize you’re missing a straightener or curling iron? There are several hotels that pride themselves on carrying these products, ensuring their guests leave with a smile and great hair. Kimpton hotels have a “Forgot It? We’ve Got It!” amenities program, which lends guests a straightening iron or curling iron for free. “Similarly, the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver offers a women-only Orchid Floor, where flat and curling irons come standard.