Fries, Chips, and Dips: 9 Recipes to Step Up Your Snacks

Freezer french fries have you down? Or maybe that bag of potato chips just in’t cutting it, and your store-bought French onion dip could use a little more pizazz. Served as appetizers, side dishes, and snacks, chips and fries play a lot of roles when it comes to satisfying our cravings. Get ready to bake your own chips, cut your own fries, or stir your own sauces, because we’ve got nine recipes that make snacking a little more special.



1. Parmigiano Chips

Cheese lovers look out, because David Rocco and The Cooking Channel have a new way for you to indulge in your favorite food. There is literally only one aspect about these chips, and that is cheese. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


  • 3 cups finely and coarsely grated Parmigiano cheese

Directions: Evenly sprinkle a cup of Parmigiano cheese over a hot pan, filling in any gaps. Cook until the Parmigiano becomes golden. Gently loosen the cheese with a spatula and transfer to a plate. Let the chips cool until the Parmigiano solidifies; then break into little chips and serve.