Get Your Home Ready for Summer With These 25 Outdoor Living Tips

backyard ideas for the summer

Source: Thinkstock

Outdoor entertaining is as popular as ever. While modern Americans have plenty of usable indoor space, there’s just no stopping us from cooking out and congregating outside when the weather is nice. Unfortunately, outdoor space often goes unnoticed when it comes time to upgrade our homes. Here are 25 ideas to make your next outdoor entertaining event even better:

1. Outdoor Furniture to Enhance Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining can often accommodate larger crowds comfortably in an open, relaxed environment. Consider adding outdoor furniture if you don’t have it already. An outdoor dining area can invite impromptu barbecues and other gatherings.

2. Increase or Decrease Privacy

Some folks want to be able to see and speak with neighbors. Others want privacy. Perhaps your landscape design can accommodate a little bit of each.

3. Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Besides full-size swimming pools, you can consider permanent or temporary above-ground pools. Small children delight in even a very modest pool during the summer months. Some people are installing small swimming pools with artificial currents that allow a swimmer to work out by swimming against the current in much the same way as one jogs on a treadmill. Outdoor spas and hot tubs are also becoming quite popular. Many can even be used in winter!

4. Add Water Features

From goldfish ponds to fountains to water gardens, people are using water features as a focal point for many landscape projects. Outdoor entertaining is even better when enhanced by the visual effect and the soothing sounds of cascading water.

5. Beef Up Security

Outdoor landscaping can make a home safer or more vulnerable to crime. Generally, you want entrance ways and access points, like windows and doors, to be well-lit and visible from a distance.