5 New Superfruits Wowing the World of Nutrition

Health experts always seem to be adding to their list of must-eat items, and superfruits are no exception. There is a new group of fruits rocking the health world that experts say are high in nutrition, packed with antioxidants (they keep you looking young), and often can protect you against disease.

Here are five superfruits that’ll have you feeling healthy and young.

Source: Mrigashirsha / Flickr

1. Aronia

According to the Los Angeles Times: “The fruit, which grows on a bush in clusters, owes its nickname — the chokeberry — to its extraordinarily tart taste. Broadly used in Europe in jams and jellies, the aronia is also found in wine, juices, tea, syrup and sauces, and sold as an extract and a supplement.”

Benefits: Everyone knows blueberries are healthy and a must-eat fruit with a ton of benefits. But according to Superberries, aronia actually has three times as many antioxidants as a blueberry. Each bite will provide you with a high level of anthocyanin, which helps fight disease. Even better, it’s also high in vitamin C.