The Healthiest Meals You Can Eat at 6 Fast Food Restaurants

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Baconators, Whoppers, Cheesy Gordita Crunches: Fast food is a cruel and delicious mistress, always begging you to indulge. Faced with savory names like these, it can be difficult to control your junk food cravings at your favorite fast food restaurants. On occasion, these options are even worth the calories and the gastrointestinal distress. But a few too many of them will have your heart begging for mercy.

With a little discipline, it is possible to find healthy alternatives at your favorite eateries — and contrary to what you might think, they can even be delicious. Here are our choices for healthy alternatives that don’t skimp on customer satisfaction.

1. Burger King

OK, so it may not be a burger. But with 35 whopping grams of protein, you will not be wanting more. We recommend that you substitute Ken’s Honey Lite balsamic dressing for the standard apple cider vinaigrette, a swap that will save you 90 calories. Don’t be scared off by its 26 grams of fat: Just seven of those are from saturated fat, or half the amount you’d get in a Whopper with cheese.

If your need for a sandwich is truly that excruciating, you can still make a wise choice here and get a solid 31 grams of protein plus only 1 gram of saturated fat — we must emphasize, though, that this is without mayonnaise.

And for those of you who can’t take no for an answer, you could make many worse choices than a simple BK hamburger. It weighs in at 9 grams of protein — enough to fill you for a while, but not quite to the extent of the heart-healthy options above – and just 3 grams of saturated fat.