Instagram Inspiration: 10 Best Accounts for Food and Fitness

Instagram: where a photo and a filter can motivate you, inspire you, or just make you jealous. With the high volume of artsy brunch shots and beautiful skylines, Instagram has quickly become a favorite in the social media world and a direct cause of FOMO (fear of missing out). These accounts will definitely motivate and inspire, so give one — or all — of them a follow and start seeing happier and healthier days, at least on to your smartphone’s screen.

Source: @food52 / Instagram

1. Food52 (@food52)

If you ever need motivation to start cooking at home more, this account is a must follow. With regrams of chefs and food bloggers, this feed is nothing short of beautifully photographed food porn. If you want to take a crack at creating some of the recipes yourself, head to Food52′s website for more recipes and information.