Live the High Life: 8 Amazing Treehouse Hotels in the U.S.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Ready to be at one with the wild, but not quite prepared to give up your creature comforts? Take your travel one step closer to the wild by staying in a treehouse resort! These suites offer unparalleled views of the stunning forestry and wildlife across the U.S. Enjoy these breathtaking natural wonders from the comforts of your own suite.

Prices for accommodations of this kind can range anywhere from the low hundreds to well into the thousands — but each resort is truly as stunning as the next. Go out on a limb and try staying in one of these 8 treetop favorites!

1. Treetop Hideaway Cabin (North Fork, Missouri)

Enjoy a remote riverside getaway in a private suite nestled in River of Light Farm’s 350-acre expanse. The Treehouse comes with a private viewing deck overlooking the North Fork River, where visitors will see anything from river otters, beavers, and kingfishers to multiple bald eagle nesting sites. The Treehouse Cabin was designed and built by local artisans: It boasts stained glass windows, cedar cabinets, a full kitchen, and a native stone fireplace, among other gorgeous handmade amenities.

Enjoy a secluded stay 25 feet above ground – a kitchen, microwave oven, and air conditioning are there for your needs. Adjacent to the farm you’ll find the Mark Twain National Forest. Head over for some hiking, fishing, and sightseeing trips — if you can convince yourself to leave the cabin, that is. A stay in the Treetop Cabin costs as low as $229 a night for two guests.