Make Fitness Fun: 8 Exercise Routines That Won’t Feel Like Work



When you were a kid, you probably spent the majority of your days running around, playing with friends, staying active, and finding fun ways to keep busy. It was exercise, but it never felt like it because you were having fun. If you’re starting to get tired of your same old treadmill routine, it may be time to add a little pep to your workout step. Why not start incorporating some routines that don’t feel like workouts? Try these eight fat-burning, calorie-blasting routines, which will bring you right back to your childhood days.

1. Boing with Kangoo

This class is offered at Crunch Gyms and requires you to strap on springy footwear. Shape writes that the futuristic looking shoes have springs on the bottom, ensuring you don’t put as much strain on your joints while you bounce, jog, and jump to fun music.

The bouncy shoes were originally designed to offer runners an easy-on-the-joints workout by reducing the impact of the workout by 80 percent, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“Everyone loves it. They say it’s super fun and it feels like they’re a kid again on the playground playing with friends. So this is not just for adults. They have sizes for children as well. It’s just a great workout,” Jasmine Artis, a fitness instruction, told CBS.