Namaste: 10 Tips to Prepare for Your First Hot Yoga Class

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Yoga has been a big fitness trend for many years and a spiritual philosophy for much longer. Yoga offers a way to calm your mind, stretch, and build lean muscle in each class. While there are many great DVD yoga workouts available, if you want the full benefits of a regular practice then you’ll want to start attending classes at a yoga studio, where an instructor and the group atmosphere can help push the workout further.

Hot yoga in particular has become very popular, as aficionados say the heat helps achieve deeper stretches and boosts heart rate to add a stronger cardio component than might be found in a class taught at room temperature. Hot yoga, which is taught in rooms heated to temperatures up to 105 degrees, is not for the faint of heart and even athletes believe it’s one of the most challenging workouts out there. Yoga is open to practitioners of all levels and anyone can get benefits from a regular practice, but especially with hot classes, preparation is key. Here’s a list of ten ways you should prepare before trying out hot yoga for the first time.