New York With Kids: 7 Fun and Family Friendly Activities

According to NYC Go, at least 52.7 million visitors passed through to see the curious sights and sounds of the Big Apple in 2012. New York City’s sweeping views and unceasing bustle are enough to make any of us feel like a child, but the raw sense of wonder this destination conveys is perhaps most powerful to its young visitors.

It’s hard to know where to begin touring with children in a city of this scale, but it’s possible to pack a lot of unforgettable, family friendly experiences into even the briefest of visits. Here are 7 suggestions for where to take the family — kids and all — on your next trip to NYC.

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

1. Visit the Central Park Zoo

Central Park in its entirety is a lively, beautiful park for the family to see during a visit, but the Central Park Zoo – located at Fifth Avenue and West 64th Street — is geared especially toward children. After visiting the penguins and polar bears, check out the Tisch Children’s Zoo, a walkthrough wildlife experience where kids and adults alike can feed African pygmy goats and watch Vietnamese potbellied pigs. While you’re inside the park, be sure to grab a hot dog or an ice cream cone, too!