Sacred Grounds: America’s 8 Best Coffee Shops

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, over half of adult Americans drink coffee every day. But today’s finest coffee shops are recognized for more than their exceptional brews: They are also celebrated for their distinctive identities. After all, it’s not every day you find yourself downing a mug of freshly roasted coffee in a hybrid café/bicycle repair shop. The unforgettable ambiances and community-centric ideals of these shops is what makes them the best and brightest in America’s contemporary café scene.

These 8 coffee shops offer unforgettable coffee-drinking experiences, both inside and outside the cup.



1. Madcap Coffee (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Madcap Coffee does Michigan proud by serving up the best in fresh roasted coffee grounds every day of the week. Their original brews are brimming with personality, and can be tasted in-store with a flight tailored to your caffeine needs. Madcap’s café and roastery is based in Grand Rapids, but has an outpost in Washington, DC, which offers weekly public tastings. Visit the Madcap website for more details.